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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Visual Assist Dartboard Hightlights The Best Spots To Target

Visual Assist Dartboard (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

While technically the goal of playing darts is to get to a specific score before your opponent does, there are rules that make it a little more difficult than just trying to hit the bulls eye every turn. Starting at 701, 501 or 301 the goal is to actually get to 0 first, but you have to end up there exactly. So if you find yourself too focused on the game to crunch the numbers and figure out the best spots to target on your next throw, this interactive board is here to help.

Besides automatically keeping track of the score, the board also uses LEDs to suggest and illuminate the best places to throw your dart in order to get to 0 the quickest. And because it’s electronic it’s also got other unique versions of the game including Treasure Hunt which has players targeting each segment until they find the ‘buried treasure.’ If you’re worried about the drywall in your games room you might also be happy to know this is one of those ‘safe’ versions where the darts have soft tips and wedge into holes on the board. $199.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

[ Visual Assist Dartboard ]

The Play Coalition’s Cliff Hanger Mug

Cliff Hanger Mug (Images courtesy The Play Coalition)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not sure if a hot cup of joe is the perfect way to celebrate a successful climb to the top of Groningen’s Excalibur tower, but experienced climbers can now rest assured that their mug of coffee will never accidentally slip out of their hands again. The Play Coalition design group’s Cliff Hanger Mug sees the traditional handle on a cup swapped out with an irregularly shaped climbing hold, not only providing a bit more grip whilst enjoying a hot beverage, but a bigger challenge as well. And while it isn’t available for sale, it also doesn’t look like that difficult of a DIY project if you really wanted one.

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Low-Tech Microwave Mixer

Microwave Mixer (Image courtesy Whatever Works)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even the most incompetent chef knows that stirring something helps it heat more evenly. And while something like this autonomous saucier works a treat when cooking on a stove, I doubt it’s something you’ll want bombarded with radiation in the microwave. So here’s a ridiculously low-tech automatic stirring alternative for your microwave cookery- a spoon with a suction cup on the end. You just jam it onto the roof inside your microwave, adjust the height accordingly, and as the food spins on the turntable it will also be slowly stirred from above. $19.99 from Whatever Works.

[ Microwave Mixer ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]

Announcing The Winner Of the LevelUP Gaming Tower!

By Chris Scott Barr

Congratulations are in order for commenter susitravl! Why, you ask? Because it’s Friday, and we’re supposed to be giving away a LevelUP Gaming Tower. Her name was randomly chosen from the list of winners, and she will be getting an Xbox 360 Gaming Tower. Thanks to everyone who commented, and stay tuned for more awesome giveaways!

Also, don’t take LevelUP off of your Facebook page. They’re going to be giving away more of these, so keep an eye out for more contests announced on their page.

[ LevelUP ] [ Facebook Page ]

Kimberly-Clark Rolls Out Tube-Free Toilet Paper

By Chris Scott Barr

Toilet paper. Now there’s something you don’t hear about in the news very often. Not many advances have been made on the bathroom tissue front that I know of. However, Kimberly-Clark has announced something that will shake up your bathroom forever. Well, probably not, but it’s still interesting.

The company has designed a new type of toilet paper roll that doesn’t need a cardboard tube. Apparently using some sort of patented winding technique, they were able to do away with the excess tube, thus eliminating waste. I wonder how long it will be until other companies figure out how to do something similar.

[ Kimberly-Clark ] VIA [ Gearlog ]

Deal Of The Day: Sharp AQUOS 42-inch LED HDTV For $699

By David Ponce

To round off the week, we take a look at the Sharp AQUOS LC-42LE620UT. This is the cute moniker of a 42-inch LED HDTV. And you can now have it for $699. Think about that for a minute. First of all, LED tvs aren’t your regular flat panels. They’re generally much thinner, have better contrast ratios and are much more energy efficient. And when they first hit the market their prices were astronomical. I’d know, I pay a small fortune each month for one and as much as I love it, this sort of deal makes me a little green with envy.

That being said, it’s not too late for you to save 36% ($401) on this panel, which features four HDMI inputs, 6.5ms response time, 120Hz refresh rate and more.

[ Sharp AQUOS 42-inch LED HDTV For $699 ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]

Fridgeezoo Animals Remind You To Close The Damn Door

Fridgeezoo Animals (Image courtesy Appare Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

Think of these adorable Fridgeezoo animals as a smaller version of your parents, sitting inside your fridge, reminding you to close the door if you spend too much time window shopping for something to eat. As you can see they’re all themed after animals that live in cold climates like a polar bear, penguin, walrus and seal, and while they start out with a friendly greeting when you open the door, if you linger for too long letting out too much cold air they’ll soon get snappy about your apathy towards eco-friendliness.

The animals are also voiced by a Japanese hip-hop crew known as the Romancrew, which takes away about 95% of their cuteness factor, but the novelty is still there I guess. ~$25 each (¥1,980) available from the Appare Store.

[ Fridgeezoo Animals ] VIA [ Craziest Gadgets ]

Keep The Walkman Dream Alive With This iPhone 4 Decal

Sony Walkman iPhone 4 Sticker Cassette (Image courtesy Etsy)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re still pretty shook up over the news that Sony had ceased production on their Walkman cassette players back in July, this iPhone decal will serve as a constant reminder of the days when you had to fast forward to hear a song you liked. Created and sold by Etsy member ‘shortsleevealliance‘ the decal is printed on high quality vinyl using solvent ink and are rated for about 5-7 years of “outdoor life”. So when the iPhone 9 or 11 rolls around, your iPhone 4 should still be looking great! $6 each, which isn’t too bad compared to other screen protectors.

[ Etsy – shortsleevealliance – Sony Walkman iPhone 4 Sticker Cassette ] VIA [ Geeky Gadgets ]

Note Me Pillows Are The Perfect Desk Accessory

Note Me Pillows (Images courtesy VEINTICUATRODIENTES)
By Andrew Liszewski

In a pinch a strategically stacked pile of Post-it Notes can serve as an adequate napping support, but it’s not the most comfortable thing to lay your head on. But if you can convince your office administrator to pick up a few of these Note Me pillows instead of a few pads of sticky notes, your afternoon siestas will be far more rewarding.

The pillows can actually be written on using an included marker, and cleaned by simply rinsing the pillow case under cold water. They also appear to be a way funner way to pass notes around the office since employees whipping pillows at each other all day is the perfect recipe for office productivity. $26 from Veinticuatrodientes.

[ Note Me Pillows ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]