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Booq’s Boa Folio iPad Case

Booq’s Boa Folio iPad Case

Booq Boa Folio iPad Case (Image courtesy Booq)
By Andrew Liszewski

I prefer using all of my gadgets naked, however, when it comes to the iPad, I definitely see an advantage to using Apple’s official iPad case. After endless attempts to balance it on my lap or lean it up against a pillow at night, I’ve been sorely tempted to pick up Apple’s solution which lets you easily prop the iPad up for hands-free viewing. The only problem is that I think it’s the ugliest, crappiest looking case I’ve ever seen, and I’m shocked it came from Apple.

So I’m quite happy to see that Booq hasn’t just copied the design and functionality of Apple’s case with their own Boa Folio, but have slightly improved it too. For starters I don’t have the urge to turn away in disgust when I look at it, which is a big thing for me, but in addition to letting you prop up your iPad in two elevated positions, it’s also got a pocket on the outside for holding your phone, and a thinner pocket on the inside for holding documents. Three of the five Booq Boa Folio cases come in at $49.99 which is just $10 more than Apple’s, but you’re welcome to splurge on the other two ‘luxurious’ versions and treat yourself with leather accents for $89.99.

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