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Belkin Conserve Smart AV Power Strip

Belkin Conserve Smart AV Power Strip (Images courtesy Belkin)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re worried about your home theater components sucking phantom power when you’re not watching anything, Belkin’s Conserve Smart AV power strip will make sure they’re not wasting juice while your TV is off. You just need to ensure your set is plugged into the lime green socket which is smart enough to know when it’s on or off, and that any components you want powered down are plugged into the next five. However, you probably don’t want everything to get powered off with the TV, so the strip has two extra sockets that remain constantly on for devices like DVRs. Now looking at the… um… ‘action shot’ the Conserve Smart AV isn’t the slimmest power strip out there, but according to their site your $29.99 investment could actually end up saving you an estimated $76 per year.

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