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Super Fettio Bros Tee Raises An Important Question – Have Boba Fett And Mario Ever Been Seen Together?

Super Fettio Bros Tee (Image courtesy TeeFury)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not the type to endorse conspiracy theories. I mean it’s a pretty wild claim that the moon landings were shot on a soundstage! It could have been in a parking lot somewhere at NASA, or even in their cafeteria as far as we know. So I’m hesitant to even mention this theory, but I know I’ve never seen Boba Fett and Mario together in the same room, so they could very well be the same person. And while I don’t have a scrap of proof, let me just say this 8-bit inspired tee designed by ‘MankindRam’ over on TeeFury is pretty hard to just dismiss. I’ll let you think about it and come to your own conclusions, but don’t spend too much time if you want one of these tees, since they’re only available ($9) for about another 6 1/2 hours at the time of writing this.

[ TeeFury – Super Fettio Bros ] VIA [ TheForce.Net ]