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Segatoys Hanappa Nodding Plant Is The Most Agreeable Friend You’ll Ever Have

Segatoys Hanappa Nodding Plant (Images courtesy AudioCubes)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sometimes the best type of friend is not only the one who will listen to all of your complaints, but also completely agree with everything you have to say. But they’re not always easy to find, which is why Segatoys have created these animated flower surrogates designed to always be there for you. You can talk ’til you’re blue in the face and make outrageous claims about your friends, families and co-workers and the Hanappa Plant will nod in agreement to every last word. In fact it almost seems like the perfect pick-me-up, combing the beauty of flowers (your choice of a sunflower, gerbera or a daisy) with the false sense of always being right! As far as I can tell they’re only available in Japan, but is now importing them for $59.99.

And if you’ve got a few extra minutes (of course you do if you’re spending your time reading a blog) I recommend checking out this video of the Hanappa Nodding Plant in action. Clearly whoever wrote and produced this little epic had one of these flowers sitting on their desk, falsely assuring them that the script made complete sense.

[ AudioCubes – Segatoys Hanappa Nodding Plant ]