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Making The Case For Traditional Wristwatches

Making The Case For Traditional Wristwatches

By Rob Kelli

[ The following article has been commissioned, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of or its staff. -Ed. ]

For a while there, it seemed that wristwatches were becoming extinct due to the advent of cell phones becoming an on-hand necessity. Why should you even bother purchasing a wristwatch when you can just easily flip, slide, touch, or swivel your cellular device, displaying an easy-to-read digital clock? Well, really because they’re convenient, attractive and show a sense of personal style. Watches are making a strong comeback now. Two watches that really touch on the convenient and attractive focus are Invicta’s S1 Touring Edition with the brown leather strap and the Wenger Swiss AeroGraph with the black leather strap. These men’s watches are both sexy and useful, yet are so different! The Invicta watch has a more professional look, where as the Wenger watch has a sportier, outdoorsy theme to it. There are plenty of other of men’s watches to see at ShopNBC from brands like Tag Heuer, Movado, Tissot, Cartier, Stuhrling Original, Casio, Maurice LaCroix and many more. A great watch will never go out of style, is functional, sturdy and will last a lifetime.