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Konami’s New 3D Road Fighters Arcade Game Is Not Immune To Those Annoying Glasses

3D Road Fighters (Image courtesy Konami VIA Akihabara News)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t mind having to wear 3D glasses in a theater when they come in a sealed plastic bag since I know that even if they’ve been used before, at some point they’ve been cleaned or recycled. That’s not quite the case though with Konami’s new arcade machine which features an updated version of their Road Fighters game that’s jumped into the third dimension. Since there’s no easy way to hand out a new pair of 3D glasses to everyone who wants to play it, the arcade features a permanent pair mounted on a swing arm.

Instead of ‘wearing’ them you’re really just supposed to look through them to get the 3D effect, but it’s not going to take long for those to get covered in sweat and grease after hundreds of teenagers have taken their turn. Yep, gross. Thankfully the 3D effect is optional and can be switched off if you prefer to play in 2D instead, but I’m sure the arcade will still cost a premium to play because of that extra dimension.

[ Akihabara News – Konami releases new 3D Arcade Setting in Japan with 3D Road Fighters ]

  • Gary Lonsberry

    They need to put in a Lysol wipes holder, like they do at the BMV for the vision test machine.