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Gadget Band Elastics

Gadget Band Elastics

Gadget Band Elastics (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)
By Andrew Liszewski

So it turns out that all these years elastic band manufacturers have just been lazy, and the stretchy projectiles don’t necessarily have to only come in the shape of a circle. Recent innovations in elastic band manufacturing have allowed for the creation of almost any shape imaginable (yes, even the trapezoid!) but I reckon these gadget-shaped versions will appeal most to those of you who frequent our site. They’re supposed to be pretty generic to avoid legal run-ins with lawsuit-happy iCorporations, but it’s pretty obvious that some of these shapes were inspired by the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Nano. Each pack comes with 24 elastics, 4 of each shape, but at $5.49 you’re probably going to want to avoid just firing them off at random people.

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