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Netflix Streaming Comes To Canada

By Chris Scott Barr

Here in the US we’ve been enjoying the streaming services of Netflix for quite some time. Our friends up in Canada, however, have not. In fact, they haven’t brought the service to any other part of the world until today. Yes, all of that changed when they announced the availability of Netflix streaming in Canada for $7.99 a month.

In addition to streaming to your PC and Mac, the company announced that you will be able to use your Wii, PS3, iPhone (and other iOS devices) and Blu-ray players from Samsung and Toshiba. Notably absent is the Xbox 360, which should be available later in the fall. Since Canada is a multilingual country, it should be noted that the service will only be available in English at launch. However, they did say that French will be added as an option at a later time.

Oh, and if you’re wanting DVDs, you can keep waiting. As of now they are only offering streaming services.

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