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PLUGO Circular Extension Cord

PLUGO Circular Extension Cord (Images courtesy Design Blog SPGRA)
By Andrew Liszewski

The benefits of a circular extension cord are almost immediately apparent when you see it, and it makes you wonder why no one has thought of it before. There’s the obvious advantage when it comes to winding and storing the cable, which in and of itself makes it a must-have desk-cessory for my needs. But the fact that the outlets are located around its circumference, allowing it to easily handle the largest of wall warts without crowding, should appeal to a lot of people. It’s even dead-easy to hang wherever you might need it, and appears to come in a small assortment of bright, yet subdued, colors.

PLUGO Circular Extension Cord (Image courtesy Design Blog SPGRA)

I even like the shrink-wrapped packaging which allows shoppers to examine the PLUGO without getting their dirty hands all over it. Available from monos for just over $40 (¥3,500).

[ PLUGO Circular Extension Cord ] VIA [ Design Blog :: SPGRA ]

  • EspritOuvert

    I am slightly crazy when it comes to cable management, so I love anything that comes on a reel.