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SEIL Bag Concept Adds Turn Signals To Your Bike – Lessens Your Chances Of Dying

Safe Enjoy Interact Light Bag (Images courtesy Lee Myung Su)
By Andrew Liszewski

Winner of a 2010 Red Dot Design award, the SEIL (Safe Enjoy Interact Light) bag concept was created by Lee Myung Su to provide a safer way for cyclists to signal. Technically when signaling with their hands a cyclist is only riding their bike with the other hand, which can be dangerous. So the SEIL fixes that problem with an LED-equipped backpack and a detachable wireless remote which can be mounted on the handlebars. And besides signaling your turning intentions, the SEIL bag can also be used to let others on the road know when you’re about to slam on the brakes, or even if there is an emergency.

[ Design You Trust – SEIL bag by Lee Myung Su design lab ]

  • echezeaux

    The woman who invented the LilyPad Arduino demonstrated that use in wearable computing with the LilyPad's introduction several years ago.

  • Rob

    That's actually a pretty good idea. Easier than making arm-gestures to the motorists behind you.

  • Trish Neverdatamineme

    Where are they sold?

  • Di Ste Robe

    i'll buy it!!!…

  • Di Ste Robe

    i'll buy it!!!