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Logitec Makes Great Strides In Shrinking Bluetooth Earbuds

Logitec Bluetooth Earbuds (Images courtesy Logitec)
By Andrew Liszewski

They’re not quite as small as your standard earbud-style headphones just yet, but these wireless Bluetooth earbuds from Logitec are getting pretty darn close. As usual it’s those damn batteries that make up most of the bulk, but these manage to come in at just 0.24 inches thick and weigh only 9 grams while still getting around 4 hours of easy listening on a single charge. Not a whole day, but what you lose in battery life you gain in your ears not hurting after wearing these for a few hours. They’ll sync to your mobile phone for hands-free calling too, and it looks like there’ll be three distinct versions when available: the LBT-MPHP02 for mobile phones, the LBT-AVHP02 for BT capable audio devices and the LBT-PCHP02 for use with PCs. ~$52 (¥ 4,480)

[ Logitec Bluetooth Earbuds ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]