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Hokus Crapus – Kandela Magic Wand Controlled Electronic Candles

Hokus Crapus – Kandela Magic Wand Controlled Electronic Candles

Kandela Magic Candle (Image courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m going to cut these magic wand controlled electronic candles some slack because a) Hallowe’een, the best holiday ever second only to Christmas, is just around the corner and they’d probably be great for a party and b) another Harry Potter film will be released later this year and all you wannabe wizards need to get your fix somehow. I’m not sure if it’s from the same people who make the Kymera Magic Wand universal TV remote (I’m going to assume it is) but the idea is generally the same. You can turn the candle on with just a flick of the wand, or turn it off with a little wiggle. They can also be magically set to flicker and flash, and if your wand goes missing can even be extinguished by just blowing them out. Here’s a clip of them in action courtesy of Shiny Shiny:

They’re currently available in a set that includes one candle and one magic wand from Firebox (UK based) for ~$54 (£34.99).

[ Kandela Magic Candle ] VIA [ Shiny Shiny ]