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MP3 Walkman

MP3 Walkman

MP3 Walkman (Images courtesy Urban Outfitters)
By Andrew Liszewski

Urban Outfitters doesn’t offer as much as even a one-line description about this walkman-themed basic MP3 player. Apparently hipsters don’t need technical specifications, just retro-themed crap and small ironic badges. But my powers of deduction tell me it’s got no built-in memory, instead relying on SD cards for storage, charges and/or shows up as a mass storage compliant drive when connected to your PC via USB, and at just under $70 (£45.00) it’s ludicrously overpriced.

[ MP3 Walkman ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

  • obi1kenobi1

    I love vintage and retro technology, but for that price I would rather get a real Walkman and one of those all in one cassette MP3 players.

  • Franco1975

    This is kinda ugly.