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Solar Powered Pet Rock

Solar Powered Pet Rock

Solar Powered Pet Rock (Image courtesy Desk Pets)By Andrew Liszewski

Given the original Pet Rock was created back in the 70’s it’s no surprise that ‘eco-friendly’ wasn’t at the top of its feature list. I mean looking back the thing irresponsibly sucked power like the world’s supply of fossil fuels would never run out!

But times have changed, and that’s no more apparent than with this modern version of the Pet Rock which is now solar powered. Available in four different colors each version will rock in its own unique way when placed in an adequate source of light, meaning of course you’ll have no choice but to collect all four!

“But is there a video of these things in action Andrew? I can’t picture what a rocking rock looks like in my head.” You better believe there is!

What a time to be alive!

[ Solar Powered Pet Rock ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]