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Panasonic’s EVOLTA Batteries Are Hitting The Road Again For Another Challenge

Panasonic's ROBO-GARAGE (Image courtesy Panasonic)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you remember, last year Panasonic set a world record for “the longest distance covered by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car” with their small Evoia robot which was powered by a couple of their EVOLTA AA batteries. It ended up traveling an impressive 14.82 miles around the LeMans race circuit after 24 hours, but now they’ve created an even bigger challenge.

Their upcoming EVOLTA World Challenge III, which begins on September 23rd, will see their new robot, Robo-Garage, tackling the 310 mile route from Tokyo to Kyoto Japan. Now obviously a single set of batteries isn’t going to last anywhere near that long, which is why the new bot will be making pit stops at recharging stations along the way. So given it’s not expected to finish the course until December 10th, I assume the challenge is a publicity stunt to demonstrate how often and reliably the batteries can be recharged. We’re rooting for you little guy!

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