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iPad Got PowerBack Thanks To Kensington

iPad Got PowerBack Thanks To Kensington

Kensington PowerBack iPad Case (Images courtesy Kensington)
By Andrew Liszewski

Battery life certainly isn’t at the top of my list of iPad issues, but it doesn’t run forever either, particularly if it’s become your go-to video device. So the PowerBack case from Kensington includes a 4400mAh lythium polymer battery that extends the tablet’s life up to 5 extra hours. A built-in microUSB charging port is probably a little more convenient than always having to use the standard Apple dock connector, and a built-in deflector at the bottom ensures you can still hear the iPad’s speaker while it’s inside. While they were at it Kensington even threw in a 3-position kick stand that facilitates multiple hands-free orientations. $129.99, available for pre-order now.

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