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Win A Portable Laptop Stand From AViiQ!

By Chris Scott Barr

Friday is here, which means your workweek (or schoolweek) is coming to a close. That itself is enough cause for excitement, but I’ve got another one for you. That’s right, we’ve got a giveaway to do! This week we have a nifty Portable Laptop Stand from AViiQ. It’ll make those long business trips, or those cram sessions at the local coffee shops much more bearable.

All you need to do is drop a comment below and we’ll randomly select one of you this time next week. As with most of our contests, this one is only open to US residents.

[ AViiQ ]

  • Anonymous

    Haha, this is pretty cool. I just got a new laptop and it gets HOT. x.x

  • chilepepper

    Random comment

  • Laura Fiscal

    How come I've never come across one of these before? Most laptop stands are hideous, this one has a great design.

  • Cat

    Cool. I have a 3 year old vaio and that would help a lot with keeping it from burning through to China.

  • Jordan

    I would love to have that. It is a gorgeous design and it would indeed be very helpful.

  • BankaiGod

    Let the best man win! And the Commenting Begin!!

  • Stephen B | InventionAddict

    Random comment for random drawing. I like free stuff,

  • TongBlack

    Or for some people, this marks the end of their workandschoolweek

  • Ryan Woirol

    Free stuff is the best!

  • Chad 'Yuki' Hiatt

    This might be the solution for the misaligned-laptop-blues. And the scalded lap…

  • Rob

    This would be ideal on a bus, but for me, half the time I'm somewhere with a table to use.

  • czarlie


  • sonjamartin

    Well isn't that a nifty little thing!

  • akjack

    A comment. You asked for it, now send me my prize. (just be tacky funny).

  • Anonymous

    I am a little worried about that tab sticking up through the bottom…looks like I’ll have to try it out

  • Tom Torello

    Could definitely use one of those! Pick me!

  • Anonymous

    Would look great under my Macbook Pro!!!

  • Das

    thats pretty neat, keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Go Green!

    wow the design of this stand is awesome!! Happy friday everyone!!

  • StratMan9000

    Woohoo, free stuff!

  • joecrop

    This would be great for traveling!

  • rev_g33k

    free is awesome

  • miltrucker

    free cooler lap… I'm in!

  • Loramora

    sounds cool

  • cory lowry

    This would be excellent for these long nights on the couch cramming for my cisco exams!

    count me in..

  • shsu8587

    I just bought a Belkin laptop stand, but this one looks even better!

  • Richard Sebastian

    This would save me from going out and buying one. And I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need one. (too many reallys ?)

  • danlthom

    Cool. I am on the waiting list to get notified when they are selling this; I may now get one for free!

  • grahammc

    I've been looking at these. My MBP gets hot when working on a Pro Tools session for too long. Love to win one!!

  • Monty Ongkeo

    This is the fourth contest I've entered. I better win something!

  • facebook-39800568

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • echezeaux


  • Johnal


  • Andy

    Seems interesting, could help to buffer the burning heat blowing at my laps.

  • raph304

    pure laptop stand win