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Sideshow Collectibles’ $6,000 Life-Size T-800 Endoskeleton – Out Of Place Austrian Accent Not Included

T-800 Endoskeleton (Images courtesy Sideshow Collectibles)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless I’m able to send this thing back in time to take out my enemies before they’re born, I’m going to have a really difficult time in justifying the $6,000 that Sideshow Collectibles is asking for this life-size T-800 Endoskeleton. Made from high quality polystone, fiberglass, metal and other materials and standing atop a display base complete with human skulls, the T-800 is weathered to be more film accurate and includes light-up accents like a blue glowing powercell and menacing red eyes. You’ll definitely want to make up your mind before ordering one though, since at the time of purchase you’ll have to plunk down a $1,200 deposit that’s completely non-refundable.

[ Sideshow Collectibles Life-Size T-800 Endoskeleton ] VIA [ /Film ]

  • Rob

    For that much money, I would hope that it could at least have some robotic features, like a remote that could turn its head, move the arms, etc.