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Control Your iPhone With The Power Of Your Brain

By Chris Scott Barr

These days it seems as though there are a lot of really cool ways to interact with our technological devices. Touch screens, accelerometers and motion-tracking sensors are among the most exciting currently. However, many are wondering how long it’s going to take for us to control them with our mind. Well thanks to PLX Devices, we can now control our iPhones and iPads with a mere thought.

The new XWave is a small headset-looking device that is paired with your iOS-enabled device. When combined with the free XWave App, you can control objects with your mind, and even train your brain to control its attention and meditation levels. While this may not seem terribly exciting, the company is offering an SDK program where developers can create their own software to be paired with the device. I’m excited to see what can really be done with this sort of technology. It is available now for $100.

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