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Panasonic yasumi Relax Chair Needs To Look Less Like A Dentist Chair To Truly Relax Me

Panasonic yasumi Relax Chair (Image courtesy Panasonic)
By Andrew Liszewski

The only place on Earth where I can never relax is in the dentist’s chair, so it would take quite a bit for me to ever fall asleep in Panasonic’s yasumi Relax Chair which looks like it’s also suitable for undergoing root canals. The chair is fully reclinable, features built-in speakers and sub-woofers and is able to rock back and forth on its own as part of three different relaxation programs.

The 20 minute ‘Relax Program’ uses oscillation movements that get slower and slower to put you to sleep while the ‘Refresh Program’ essentially does the same thing to let you catch a few minutes of rest before increasing the intensity about 15 minutes later to wake you up again. And the ‘Comfort Program’ simply runs for about 2 hours providing comforting rhythmic oscillations that are supposed to mimic the movement of the waves. There’s also the undocumented ‘Tsk Tsk, You Haven’t Been Brushing Every Day Program’, the ‘Looks Like Those Wisdom Teeth Are Going To Have To Come Out Program’ and the ‘Braces Will Make You Look Cool Program’.

[ Panasonic yasumi Relax Chair ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

  • Rob

    This one evokes dental horror for me.

  • Nikkita Croix

    This would be great to find at a dentists office. No one would mind the wait, and by the time the dentist shows up, you would be fully relaxed and finally enjoy the dental examination.

  • Sean Archacki

    Ya I'm surprised it doesn't come with a piece of plastic over the head piece. Def. would've recommended warm colors like dark brown.