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Ferrowatch Concept Preys On My Love Of Ferrofluids

Ferrowatch Concept Preys On My Love Of Ferrofluids

Ferrowatch Concept (Images courtesy Karim Zaoual)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tokyoflash is not only responsible for some of the craziest watch designs we’ve ever written about, but they also encourage fans to submit their own unique designs that could eventually see the light of day if they’re popular enough. Now unfortunately we probably won’t be seeing this particular design anytime soon, but if you’ve been awed by ferrofluid videos you’ll definitely appreciate this concept. The watch’s face contains a small pool of the magnetic fluid and when held horizontally a magnetic backing creates animated gears and moving hands that indicate the time. And when the watch is tilted, instead of the fluid all spilling to one side, the last ‘image’ is frozen in place, once again thanks to the magnetic backing.

While the mocked up product shots don’t do a great job at getting the idea across, there’s an accompanying video that actually uses ferrofluid to demonstrate how the concept would work.

[ Tokyoflash – Magnetic Liquid Design Tells The Time ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]