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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote (Image courtesy the Official Nintendo Magazine)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll admit to being completely ignorant when it comes to Doctor Who. Like The Prisoner, it was one of those shows that really creeped me out as a kid, and the stigma has stuck with me into adulthood. But from what little I know about the show, it must have somewhat of a following since it’s been on the air for around 120 years and will soon have its own Wii game.

Doctor Who: Return To Earth will be available sometime this Winter and true fans will want to make sure they pick up this Sonic Screwdriver themed Wiimote that will be available a bit sooner in October. I don’t think it does anything unique other than making the game feel more ‘authentic’ but if Doctor Who fans are anything like Star Wars fans, they’ll feel obliged to add this to their pile of Wii accessories no matter what.

[ The Official Nintendo Magazine – Doctor Who gets Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

  • Rob

    You aren't missing much with the new Doctor Who. Back in the day, Jon Pertwee's Doctor (#3) didn't need a goofy sonic screwdriver: he just used Venusian karate to beat down the bad aliens.