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Build Your Own Heat-Seeking Nerf Gun

By Chris Scott Barr

Nerf guns are the kind of toys that never seem to lose their charm. Much like LEGOs, you can play with them at any age and still have a lot of fun. Of course, when you’re older, you have access to additional parts with which you can modify the guns themselves. This leads to creations that you’d only dreamed of as a kid. Take, for instance, the heat-seaking Nerf Vulcan.

This rather ordinary-looking Nerf gun has been modified to use a thermopile array sensor  and an Atmeaga 168 microcontroller to track heat-generating targets. Once the target has been acquired, it will  fire until it runs out of ammo, or loses track of the object. If you need the latest in cubical warfare, you can find complete instructions here.

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