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Creepy Neiman Marcus Ceramic Hand iPhone Dock

Creepy Neiman Marcus Ceramic Hand iPhone Dock

Gimme Power Ceramic Hand Dock (Image courtesy Neiman Marcus)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m surprised at just how many ugly iPhone docks there are on the market. Have product designers even looked at the model of industrial design that is the iPhone when they’re creating their own products? Sometimes I wonder. But it turns out you can also go too far when it comes to designing a product that’s supposed to complement the iPhone

I’m not sure if this ceramic hand ‘Gimme Power’ cradle/dock thing is supposed to be a piece of art, or a Hallowe’en decoration waiting for your kids to give it a macabre painted finish. But I do know that Neiman Marcus is asking $180 for it, and it’s somehow already on back-order, meaning it’s enjoying some modicum of popularity.

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