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Bowei Robotic Building Blocks

Bowei Robotic Building Blocks

Bowei Robotic Building Blocks (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

It would take a lot for a building toy to supplant LEGO’s epic popularity and infinite flexibility, and that’s probably why smaller manufacturers have tended to create specialized sets that are unique compared to what LEGO offers. Think Construx, Ramagon, K’Nex etc. And while there’s no end of magnificent LEGO robotic creations online, it does require some level of creativity and imagination. So if you’re lacking both of those skills, these intriguing Bowei robotic building blocks seem to be an ‘easy’ shortcut to creating your own mecha masterpiece.

Bowei Robotic Building Blocks (Images courtesy

The pieces look a lot like the popular Stikfas figures found in toy stores these days, but have more of a techno feel, making them ideal for building robots and other mechanized creations. According to some user reviews on they’re not exactly ideal for children, and can be downright difficult to assemble thanks to complex instructions, but us older types might have just enough patience to pull one off.

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