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Beamatic Premium Headlights Won’t Blind Other Drivers

Beamatic Premium Headlights Won’t Blind Other Drivers

By Chris Scott Barr

If you do a lot of driving in the country at night, you can really appreciate the high-beams on your car. They illuminate a much larger area so you can keep an eye out for animals that might run out in front of you. Of course when another car passes by on the road, not only do you have to turn off the high-beams, but your vision is temporarily impaired by their lights shining in your eyes. Now one company thinks they have a solution to both problems.

Valeo SA has developed a new type of headlight that uses on-board cameras to detect other cars on the road, and then blocks the light in their direction. This allows you to keep using your brights, without the other driver getting blinded by your lights. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

[ Valeo ] VIA [ GearFuse ]