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Cremated Records Bring A New Meaning To Death Metal

Cremated Records Bring A New Meaning To Death Metal

By Chris Scott Barr

These days it seems like there are countless options of what to do with yourself once you’ve decided to stop breathing. You can be fired into space, turned into a pencil, fashioned into a diamond or even put into an urn shaped just like your head. But what about being transformed into a vinyl record? Yes, you can do that too.

When you bite the dust, you can spend around $3,000 to have your remains pressed into a set of 30 records, each containing 24 minutes of audio (12 minutes per side). Each will come with a cover that lists your name, date of birth, and date of death. You can supply whatever music you like, but company does not accept responsibility for copyright violations from the music you supply. (And what do you care? You’ll be dead!)

What’s even more amusing is that you can even have this done if you lose a limb. That’s right, you can put that arm to use again, as an instrument for rocking! What’s that, Fluffy passed away? He would have wanted you to re-purpose him as a set of records. These guys have a lot of different options for custom artwork and music, so if you’re actually interested in becoming a part of the music in death, you should check them out.

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