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Stix Electrostatic Noticeboard

Stix Electrostatic Noticeboard

Stix Electrostatic Noticeboard (Image courtesy Jonathan Jordan)
By Andrew Liszewski

Somewhere a forest of cork trees are celebrating since this electrostatic bulletin board, designed by Jonathan Jordan, could eliminate man’s reliance on corkboards for selling cars, hanging seasonal decorations or storing take-out menus. It also reduces our need for staples and thumbtacks since ‘hanging’ an item simply requires you to rub it around a bit to build up a static charge, at which point it will cling to the board through the magic of science. I remember we had a plotter in a high school AutoCAD class that also used a static charge to hold a large piece of paper in place, and I always wondered why the idea wasn’t used elsewhere. I mean who needs paperweights when the entire surface of your desk could be electrostatically charged?

Stix was a finalist in the 2010 James Dyson Award competition, and while there are some drawbacks to the idea, I think it has enough merit for someone to work out the kinks and put it into production.

[ James Dyson Award – Stix Electrostatic Noticeboard ] VIA [ Yanko Design & DVICE ]