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Robot Matches, Folds Socks

By Chris Scott Barr

One of these days we’ll have robots to do all of the mundane chores that we don’t care for. Laundry would be one that I really don’t care for. First you have to separate the lights and darks, then adjust the settings on the washer. Once it’s done, you have to remember to go back and move the clothes and set the dryer properly. Then finally you take them out (if they are dry with just one go) to fold and put away the clothes. What a pain. Well now there’s a robot that can do part of this work.

Okay, so the robot can only save you about five minutes during your entire washing cycle. It has one specialty, which is socks. Specifically, it can match a pair, turn them right-side out, and put one inside the other (in some strange substitute for folding). I suppose it’s less of a practical robot, and more one of those “look what we can make it do” sort of things. Oh, and does anyone else feel slightly dirty when watching it turn the sock right-side out on that pole?

[ Berkley ] VIA [ BotJunkie ]


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