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Custom Steampunk Optimus Prime Figure

Custom Steampunk Optimus Prime Figure

Steampunk Optimus Prime (Image courtesy Encline Designs)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve had more than my fill of the ‘steampunk’ trend, but I don’t feel guilty about posting yet another SP creation when it’s as impressive as this custom Optimus Prime figure. I guess if the Transformers had reached Earth before the time of the automobile they would have had to make do with the available transportation at the time, in this case, a steam locomotive. But, it doesn’t make Optimus look any less badass, that’s for sure.

Steampunk Optimus Prime (Image courtesy Encline Designs)

The figure was created by Encline Designs and is fully transformable from robot to locomotive form. There’s even his trademark disappearing trailer complete with an old-timey cannon inside, and thanks to a set of LEDs, the lamps and boiler on his chest all glow as if they were burning away. Now where’s the Megatron six-shooter to go with it?

[ Encline Designs ] VIA [ Walyou ]

  • Anal_Avenger

    ummmm actually, the Transformers (G1) were on Earth long before modern man even existed. They were trapped in a volcano covered in lava until a million or so years later and then they decided to make their appearance. Of course this excludes the Bay'fied movies bcs those things were shite.


  • Bill Ross

    Awesome! I want one!

  • Morganna Bramah

    Man that's neat! x

  • Tony Max

    The bi-plane Starscream?

  • Sean Rondorf

    IDW did a steampunk version of Transformers. It was awesome. I really want one of these guys.

  • Silver Fang

    Is he for sale?