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Thanko’s 1080P HDDV-506 Camcorder With A Swiveling Lens!

Thanko’s 1080P HDDV-506 Camcorder With A Swiveling Lens!

HDDV-506 (Image courtesy Thanko)
By Andrew Liszewski

With a price tag of ~$175 (¥14,800) you probably shouldn’t expect too much from Thanko’s HDDV-506 camcorder, but going on specs alone it looks like a pretty capable little camcorder. It’s able to capture video at up to 1080P resolutions at 30fps, but if you scale that back to 320×240 QVGA you can actually boost the frame rate to 120fps for some slo-mo action. And a 5MP sensor lets you snap photos with a very usable resolution, though it doesn’t speak for image quality of course.

It’s also got HDMI out, 32MB of on-board memory meaning you’ll need to add an SD card immediately if you want to do anything with it out of the box (it supports up to 32GB SDHC cards) and a very unique pivoting lens mechanism that lets you shoot around corners or capture action just out of frame without every having to turn your hand.

[ Thanko HDDV-506 ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]


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