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Indoor Faucet Hose Connector Is Going To Revolutionize The Way I Clean This Dump

Koala Indoor Faucet Connector (Images courtesy Exterior Accents)
By Andrew Liszewski

Some of you might see this handy adapter that lets you connect a garden hose to your indoor faucets as an easy to way to fill an aquarium, a waterbed or even water plants out on the balcony. But I’ve got grander plans for this amazing innovention! Once all of my appliances are unplugged (or at least the ones that are easy to reach) this thing will make my bi-annual cleaning a breeze. Now I’m probably going to need to install a drain in the floor in each room first, which is probably going to upset my neighbors living below me, but I think I can convince them it’s a worthwhile misadventure. Just $9.99 to turn cleaning day into 10 minutes of productive fun!

[ Koala Indoor Faucet Connector ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]

  • travel trailers

    this amazing innovention!

  • ofb2632

    rofl.. im gonna get one and wait for my wife to walk in the front door.. SURPRISE HUNNY!!!