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Remote Control Football/Soccer Shoes

Remote Control Football/Soccer Shoes

Remote-Controlled Football Shoes (Image courtesy Pro-Idee)
By Andrew Liszewski

Whether you refer to it as football or soccer, or shoes or boots, this set of remote control cleats is clearly trying to capitalize on the popularity of the World Cup, though it’s kind of missed its window. Each ‘boot’ is driven by four wheels and can be steered in any direction with an included wireless remote, and you can expect to get a pretty decent 2 hours of playtime on a set of 4 x AA batteries. Also included is a plastic scoop accessory that can be attached for beginners who aren’t used to pushing a small plastic ball around with a remote control shoe. Ugh, n00bs! $76+ (£49.50) for a set of 2 from Pro-Idee.

[ Remote-Controlled Football Boot ]


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