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One Day We Will Laugh At This Sony ‘Location Porter’ The Same Way We Laugh At The Portable VTRs Of Yesteryear

Sony RVT-SD200 Location Porter (Image courtesy Sony Japan)
By Andrew Liszewski

Before camcorders used solid-state drives, flash memory cards, minidiscs and even miniDV tapes, if you wanted to record video on location you had to carry a heavy portable VTR over your shoulder, and rely on massive betacam cassette tapes. And while Sony’s RVT-SD200 Location Porter might look like the shoulder slung VTRs of yesteryear, it actually allows a user to transmit live video feeds over a wireless internet connection or even cellular data networks. So in theory a reporter doesn’t need to arrive at a location in a broadcast vehicle in order to do a live report. It’s remarkable to think of how far we’ve come, but let’s face it, in another 10 years we’ll be looking back at devices like this and laughing again at how large and crude they were.

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