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iPad Folio Turns Your Apple Tablet Into A Netbook Replacement

iPad Folio Turns Your Apple Tablet Into A Netbook Replacement

By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve started using my iPad for a lot more over the last month or so, likely because I finally decided to jailbreak my iPhone. When used with the right application, I can broadcast my 3G connection over WiFi to the iPad. While I’ve gotten pretty good at typing on the touchscreen, I know that I’m still much faster when typing on a real keyboard. I’ve no desire to carry around a separate device just so I can type a bit faster, so I get by only punching out around 40WPM on it. However, once this case is approved by the FCC, I might have a better option.

The iPad Folio is a stylish leather case for the iPad that’s got a leg-up on the competition. Built into the cover is a Bluetooth keyboard, which can sync do your tablet. It even acts as a stand so that you can use the devices together, much like a small laptop or netbook. It doesn’t appear to add much bulk to the iPad, and having the keyboard will certainly make up for the small amount of extra weight. It’s currently on sale in the UK for around $90, and should be available here in the US in the near future.

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3 responses to “iPad Folio Turns Your Apple Tablet Into A Netbook Replacement”

  1. msisaac says:

    Cheapest iPad = $499
    iPad Folio = $90

    So $589 for something that is not even as powerful as an Atom-powered netbook. And it doesn't support Flash content. If the iPad was $199, then I could get on board with this idea. But almost $600 for an underpowered, oversized iPhone? And for everyone who is saying that I'm missing the point of this and this is for people who don't want a full laptop, then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BUYING SOMETHING THAT TURNS YOUR IPAD INTO A DAMN LAPTOP?!