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Peavey Releases AmpKit Apps For Your iPhone

Peavey Releases AmpKit Apps For Your iPhone

By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ve ever played guitar in a band (or know someone who has) then you’ll understand that sometimes you need more than just your trusty six-string. Any number of mixer boards, effects pedals and amps are needed to get that exact sound you’re looking to achieve. Carrying around these things can be a hassle, not to mention buying them can be costly. Well Peavey Electronics has teamed up with Agile Partners to create an iPhone app that will bring all of those devices into one tiny gadget.

The AmpKit app features the Peavey ValveKing amp, two ValveKing cabinets (4×12 and 1×12), a pair of pedals, a pair of mics  and a built-in Noise & Feedback filter.  That will give you a free taste of what the app has to offer. If you upgrade to the $20 AmpKit+ they’ll throw in three more amps, four more cabinets and 8 extra pedals. You can even purchase additional amps, mics and pedals from within either of the apps to get the exact gear you’re looking for. Both apps also include the ability to record what you’re playing for later use.

In addition to the apps, Peavey also announced the AmpKit LiNK. This device gives you a 1/8 inch input connector for your iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch). You’ll also have  a ¼ inch jack for your guitar or bass which preserves full signal fidelity.  There’s also another 1/8 inch jack for hooking up headphones, speakers or a PA system.  The AmpKit LiNK will set you back $40.

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One response to “Peavey Releases AmpKit Apps For Your iPhone”

  1. funtype69att says:

    This is junk and expensive junk at that. AmpKit did nothing but deafen me with feedback. I found the sound horrid and Amplitube and even some $2.99 PocketAmp to sound better and have less issues. AmpKit can cost you over $100, not worth it al all.