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VooMote ONE – Yet Another Universal Remote Solution For The iPhone & iPod Touch

VooMote ONE (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

The last couple of iPhone remote solutions we brought you have managed to either reduce the size of the extra hardware to an easy to deal with dongle, or removed the need for anything to be attached to the iPhone altogether thanks to Bluetooth. Sadly that’s not the case with the VooMote ONE from a German company called

To say the sled-type dock that adds IR functionality to the iPhone or iPod Touch has a lot of ‘junk in the trunk’ is an understatement. On the plus side it allows the device to be used in the proper upright orientation (not upside down) it’s able to learn IR codes for devices not included in its database and you’re still able to place and receive calls, but the added bulk down where the sled attaches to the dock connector is a bit much. It’s supposed to ship in December, and even though no pricing info has been announced, something tells me it’s not going to be cheaper than the My TV Remote’s $9.99 price tag.

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