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Samsung Zipel Oven Designed For Koreans But Perfect For Every Dorm Room Around The World

Samsung Zipel Oven (Image courtesy AVING USA)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it might be designed to “suit Koreans’ tastes” Samsung’s new Zipel combines a traditional oven, a microwave and a steamer into a single compact appliance that could revolutionize every dorm room around the world, and force the hot plate into extinction. But it doesn’t stop at being able to cook almost anything, including healthy dishes. The Zipel is also voice activated and includes a combination of 160 different cooking settings that covers pretty much anything you could think of, from popcorn to mac and cheese. It runs just under $600 for the full-on version, though there’s also a steamless model for just $250. Now if Samsung throws in a couple of milk crates to use as a stand, in no time it will have a monopoly on the college market.

[ AVING USA – Samsung Electronics, releases new product ‘Zipel oven’ to satisfy Koreans’ tastes ]

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