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Pinball Magic Is New Potato Technologies’ Latest ‘Appcessory’

Pinball Magic Is New Potato Technologies’ Latest ‘Appcessory’

Pinball Magic (Image courtesy New Potato Technologies)
By Brian Liszewski

It looks like New Potato Technologies has officially found their niche, or raison d’être, in turning the iPhone into a miniature version of the Wii with endless, and mostly useless, ‘appcessories’ as they call them. The first was the Jackpot Slots that turned your iPhone into a slot machine, the second was the considerably more useful LiveRider bike computer, but this time around I’m afraid they’ve taken a step back in terms of usefulness.

For $39.99, available sometime soon, you get a miniature pinball machine that houses your iPhone while it’s running their free Pinball Magic app. The flippers, credit/select button and plunger all work in the game since the pinball housing attaches to the iPhone’s dock connector, and the light-up backbox adds as much authenticity as can be added to a pinball machine the size of your phone. It even takes advantage of the iPhone’s tilt sensor, so you’ll want to make sure not to bump the game too hard lest you face the consequences.

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