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Ornilux Mikado Glass Gives Birds A Heads-up That They’re About To Crash

Ornilux Mikado Glass (Image courtesy Arnold Glass)
By Andrew Liszewski

Given the fact I’ve watched countless humans accidentally walk into freshly cleaned windows, it’s no surprise that birds do the same thing. Except that hitting a skyscraper in mid-flight can actually be fatal to our fine feathered friends. So a German company, Glaswerke Arnold, has developed a new type of glass with a patterned UV reflective coating that’s visible to birds, but not humans. It’s been around since about 2006 but the latest version features a criss-cross UV pattern making it even more obvious. It apparently reduces bird strikes by as much as 75% and as an added bonus it also serves to help insulate the building where it’s installed.

[ Glaswerke Arnold – Ornilux Makido Glass ] VIA [ TreeHugger ]