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KODAK Mini Video Camera

KODAK Mini Video Camera

KODAK Mini Video Camera (Image courtesy Kodak)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t think anyone’s snickering behind the Flip’s back about it being too pudgy, but Kodak’s new uninspiringly named ‘Mini Video Camera’ certainly improves on the pocket-friendliness of these zoom-less camcorders. As you can see it’s really no bigger than a credit card, and even at 1/2 inch thick it’s remarkably svelte. But what you gain in petiteness you lose in functionality and capability since this little guy is only VGA 640×480 capable, for either videos or stills. It does support microSD cards though, giving you hours and hours of capture time with a 16GB card, and it’s waterproof making it still usable at the beach or during monsoon season. And with a price tag of just $99.95 the lack of even 720P ‘HD’ is almost forgivable.

[ KODAK Mini Video Camera ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]


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