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Bushnell Updates Their BackTrack With The Point-3 & Point-5

Bushnell BackTrack Point-3 and Point-5 (Images courtesy Bushnell)
By Meg Lynch

Once smartphones gained GPS functionality the makers of dedicated navigation units had to either step up their game with more elaborate and expensive devices to compete, or do what Bushnell did with their dead simple, cheap and easy-to-use BackTrack. The original model basically just allowed you to find your way back to a single marked location, but the new Point-3 and Point-5 models can remember up to 3 or 5 locations. You guess which does which.

They’re also both smaller than the original BackTrack but with larger backlit LCD displays, and the Point-5 model adds a digital compass and displays your latitude and longitude, the current time, your altitude and the temperature. And that’s probably why it’s $89.99 compared to the Point-3 which is $69.99. (For comparison the original BackTrack is still available for $79.99.)

[ Bushnell BackTrack Point-3 & Point-5 ] VIA [ InventorSpot ]