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Purifan Air Purifying Enclosed Ceiling Fans

Purifan Air Purifying Enclosed Ceiling Fans

Purifan Ceiling Fans (Image courtesy Purifan)
By Andrew Liszewski

Designed to replace the blades on a standard ceiling fan, the Purifan enclosure features a 5-stage filtering system that cleans and circulates over 2,000 cubic feet of air every minute. So in an average 20′ x 20′ x 8′ room that means a new supply of fresh and clean air every 90 seconds. The hanging enclosure apparently puts no more load on the ceiling fan’s motor than a standard set of blades, though you can also purchase the Purifan with a motor of its own that provides more RPMs for larger rooms.

But what I like most is the fact that the blades are completely enclosed. As a chap who’s slightly on the taller side I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been getting dressed and accidentally reached up too high, whacking my fingers on a ceiling fan. And as a kid, let’s just say ceiling fan incidents weren’t always accidental. The Purifan isn’t cheap though. The enclosure with a mounting kid is $399.95 and a replacement set of filters is $42.50 or $52.50 if you’re dealing with smoke odors as well.

Oh and if there are any aspiring web designers reading this, the Purifan website is a perfect example of information overload. Seriously, it’s like an infomercial teleprompter exploded sending shrapnel of useless facts and quotes all over the place.

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One response to “Purifan Air Purifying Enclosed Ceiling Fans”

  1. Franco1975 says:

    I like the website. More info is much better than less or incomplete information especially when you're keen on buying the product.