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Bop-It! Bounce – The Paddle Ball Gets A Modern Makeover

Bop-It! Bounce – The Paddle Ball Gets A Modern Makeover

Bop-It! Bounce (Images courtesy Hasbro)
By Meg Lynch

Apparently today’s kids can’t even enjoy something as simple as a rubber ball tethered to a wooden paddle with a piece of elastic. Noooo, they need some kind of interactive gimmick before the paddle ball concept seems interesting, and that’s exactly what the Bop-It! Bounce gives them.

The elastic tether is gone, though the core idea behind paddle ball is still there, namely trying to see how long you can keep bouncing a rubber ball. But thanks to 3 x AAA batteries the ‘paddle’ now talks to you, shouting out specific challenges like “how many times can you bounce the ball in 30 seconds?” or “how high can you bounce it?” And I assume it keeps track of the number of bounces for you, since asking kids to count for themselves would probably be an instant turn off. $19.99.

[ Bop-It! Bounce ] VIA [ Pocket-lint ]


One response to “Bop-It! Bounce – The Paddle Ball Gets A Modern Makeover”

  1. John says:

    In the “How High Can You Bounce?” game, how does it keep track of the height? The time in between bounces? Seems to me like it would be easy to cheat.