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Vanco HDMI Over Coaxial Cable Extender

Vanco HDMI Over Coaxial Cable Extender

HDMI Over Coaxial Cable Extender (Image courtesy Vanco)
By Andrew Liszewski

These nondescript black boxes from Vanco could be the best thing since sliced bread if you need to route an HDMI AV signal around your house, but don’t want to re-wire your place with HDMI or HD video friendly cat5e & cat6 network cables. It instead lets you transmit a full 1080P HDMI audio & video signal over your home’s existing coaxial wiring, assuming of course your home is wired for cable. Over a dual or quad-shielded RG6 coaxial cable you can extend the HDMI signal up to 328 ft. or 164 ft. over RG59 coaxial cable which I’m going to assume is more common. And if for some reason you’re setting up a massive video wall at home you can cascade up to 45 of the receiver units from a single transmitter box.

As for the price tag? Well I’d like to say this solution is a more affordable alternative to running network cable or using other HDMI extenders, but the transmitter & receiver pair run about $500 so I guess it all depends on your particular setup and how much easier or cost effective it would actually make things for you.

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