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The Tablecloth Hour Arcade Machine Tests Your Tablecloth Pulling Skills

The Tablecloth Hour (Images courtesy Small Room Aries)
By Andrew Liszewski

Finally an arcade game for aspiring magicians! The Wii may have brought all kinds of crazy interactivity to the home console, but you still can’t beat dedicated arcade machines for quirky concepts, particularly those you find in Japan. The Tablecloth Hour was recently installed at the Taito Station in Shibuya for testing, and has players yanking on a small section of ‘tablecloth’ in an attempt to pull a virtual one out from under what I’m assuming is a fully set table. It seems like one of those games that might be fun to try once, which is probably why it’s located in a place with a lot of through-traffic and not a dedicated arcade.

[ Small Room Aries – The Tablecloth Hour ] VIA [ Arcade Heroes ]

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    “The flowers are still standing!”