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BaByliss Pro Volare Hair Dryer Is Powered By A Ferrari Designed AC V12 Engine

BaByliss Pro Volare Hair Dryer (Images courtesy BaByLiss Pro)
By Andrew Liszewski

While there’s not a lot of details about the inner workings of this new Volare hair dryer from Conair’s BaByliss Pro line, it’s apparently powered by a Ferrari designed 2,200W V12 electric motor and will run for an impressive 2,000 hours. The Nano Titanium Volare V1, which comes in either black or traditional Ferrari red (and compact versions of each) produces a blast of air that’s just over 80mph, and a turbo button increases airflow pressure an additional 15%. So it’s no surprise that it runs somewhere in the neighborhood of $400, and is only available to professionals. Word is an exclusive FXX version of the Volare is also available, though buyers never actually take ownership and can only use the hair dryer at Ferrari’s official salon in Maranello.

[ BaByliss Pro Volare Hair Dryer ] VIA [ BellaSugar ]

  • Anonymous

     Wow, 2000 hours.  That’s almost long enough to dry my hair!