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Slide Clips – A Better Alternative To Binder Clips?

Slide Clips – A Better Alternative To Binder Clips?

Slide Clips (Images courtesy PLASTICA)
By Andrew Liszewski

Doing away with those annoying arms found on traditional binder clips, these stainless steel Slide Clips come in 3 different sizes capable of holding 30 (S), 60 (L) or 90 (XL) pages and slide easily and cleanly onto any document. The catch? They’re not exactly mainstream yet, so they’ll cost you $10 for a box of 30 small clips, $14 for a box of 20 large clips and $12 for a box of 10 x-large clips from PLASTICA.

[ Slide Clips ] VIA [ Better Living Through Design ]


3 responses to “Slide Clips – A Better Alternative To Binder Clips?”

  1. Franco1975 says:

    Why is this better than a binder clip?? The conventional binder clip arms can actually be detached from the black clasp by pressing it.

  2. msisaac says:

    People are still using paper? What is this, the middle ages? I thought paper went out with powdered wigs and muskets.

  3. justinbryan says:

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