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Move-it Concept Is A 100% Recyclable Cardboard Trolley

Move-it Concept Is A 100% Recyclable Cardboard Trolley

Move-it (Image courtesy David Graham)
By Andrew Liszewski

Currently up for a much deserved James Dyson Award, David Graham’s Move-it concept consists of a set of self-adhesive cardboard parts that turns any box, up to 45 lbs in weight, into an easy to transport rolling trolley. The cardboard parts include a set of wheels and two different types of handles depending on the box’s shape and size, and when you’re finished moving whatever’s in the box the parts can be re-used elsewhere, or just recycled, including the glue which is a specially designed repulpable contact adhesive that disperses harmlessly in water.

Basically the success of this concept all comes down to the price. If I can buy a set of wheels and a handle for any cardboard box for less than $5, I may never have to lift anything ever again!

[ James Dyson Award – Move-it ] VIA [ Yanko Design ]


5 responses to “Move-it Concept Is A 100% Recyclable Cardboard Trolley”

  1. Franco1975 says:

    Smart but I think the IV thing is gonna win the James Dyson award.

  2. Nikkita Croix says:

    This would be a great product for the people that are actually going to use it in the way the video show. For people that use cars and shopping carts the only time they would be using it would be from their car to their house. Still, it is a very valuable tool despite the consistent inability of handcarts to go up stairs, curbs, and door thresholds.

    I think that the ways people reuse this product will be far more interesting, entertaining, and dangerous than its original purpose. It makes instant scooter, wagon, skateboard, heelies, etc.

  3. ma_baker says:

    I like the simplicity of the design, but don't see much practical use for it. Every thing that fits in a cardboard box also fits in my regular suitcases, and I'm not planning on traveling with a cardboard box.

    Nikkita is right though, I can see the wheels ending up on a hillarious “funniest home video” clip.

  4. msisaac says:

    Or you could buy a cheap hand truck and just use that again and again and again without worrying about the dolly falling apart in the rain.

  5. Grangoire says:

    This is dumb. The corrugated cardboard isn't from a REUSED source.
    It should all be made from old used cardboard, not fresh new cardboard.
    And not RECYCLED cardboard either because paper recycling is counterproductive.
    It doesn't save trees, because the trees that are used in paper manufacturing are planted for the SOLE PURPOSE of making paper.

    Those trees grow and absorb co2, then are harvested.
    If the paper is just used then put in a landfill the environmental co2 has a efficient route to be deposited in the ground, reducing co2 in the atmosphere.
    BUT if you recycle it then you waste chemicals, water, heat and energy (all of which will ADD co2 and other pollutants to the environment) to create a less usable recycled product that will (in most cases) just end up being stored in a warehouse and if not purchased will just be going to a landfill anyways.

    Advertising a recyclable aluminum trolly would be better.
    Recycling aluminum MUCH more efficient and cost effective than smelting the ore.

    So something being paper RECYCLE-ABLE is pointless and uninteresting.
    Give the people instructions to REUSE existing supplies to MAKE their own trolly, and I'll be behind it in terms of being environmentally sound.
    Otherwise it's nothing but another fad follower.